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I'm a 22 years old male engineering student, who works at National Instruments Hungary. Besides studying and working, I also love: reading books, watching anime, playing PC games. And how do I have time for these? Good time management. :)
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Anonymous asked:where did you find the white album 2 unreachable love with both of them singing?

Hey there!

Yes, there is two versions of Unreachable Love; One is with Setsuna Ogiso and One with Uehara Rena. But as far as I know Uehara Rena’s version is a single, and - if you see - you can’t find it YT, because of the copyright.

I think You meant the White Album from Setsuna Ogiso / Morikawa Yuki. But if You have a link from my tumblr page, please insert it like this: “/post/xyz123” and we’ll figure it out. :)

radioactivepanic asked:I keep seeing gif sets of NGE, that I don't recognize and I've watched the whole series, not all the movies but the first two. Would mind pointing me in the direction to find said source for the gifs that would be amazing


Could you please specify what kind of GIFs I made? :) A link like /post/123xyz would be useful.

But I can tell you what kind of NGE GIFs I’m making:

I think you meant the Director’s Cut episodes. But if I’m not correctly, please give me a link and I’ll tell you.

BTW you can find NGE DC on nyaa.se, just look for the torrents that has “Extras”.

Megumi Hayashibara, Yuko Miyamura and Kotono Mitsuishi
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